Father's Table (Open Door Ministries)

WMUMC is committed to serving one night a month at the Father's Table (Open Door Ministries). Because there is an overwhelming interest in this service opportunity, we are currently seeking a 2nd monthly night for us to serve. TO SIGN UP TO SERVE - CLICK HERE!

3rd Monday of each month, even with the Monday is a holiday (5:30 - 7:00).  After March, we may have additional nights available.

Open Door Ministries, The Father's Table - 400 North Centennial Street.  Park in the lot to the left of the building.  Enter the building through large metal door, near the dumpster.  You may have to bang on the door if the bell isn't working.

Participate in the kitchen filling trays and/or helping to pass out trays to diners.

3 to 5 Adults or Teens (HOT, small kitchen and not safe for children)

There are OTHER opportunities for volunteering at Open Door Ministries.The dates and times available for these positions vary. The contact information to sign-up for these positions are listed below:

Answering phones; Monday, Wednesday and Friday (9 to 12) and Monday and Wednesday (2 to 5). Contact Leslie Graham  (885-0191, ext. 431).

Food Pantry:
Packing food boxes for families; Monday through Friday (2 to 5). Contact Leslie Graham (885-0191, ext. 431).

Father's Table:
Serve Lunch (meal already prepared); Monday through Friday (10:30 to 1). Contact Kathy Edwards (885-0191, ext. 437).

Father's Table:
Prepare & Serve Lunch; 1st and 2nd Saturdays (10:30 to 1). Contact Kathy Edwards (885-0191, ext. 437).

Arthur Cassell House:
Prepare, serve and eat with 14 residents; Friday or Saturday (5 - 7). 1022 True Lane, High Point. Contact Steve Key (885-0191, ext. 432).

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